You Need To Speak With A Bankruptcy Attorney If…

…you’re reading this. The very fact that you’re on this page should tell you that free bankruptcy advice from an attorney might be in your best interest. A free, no obligation phone consultation can help you understand your debt relief options and avoid transactions that can complicate bankruptcy. If you would like to schedule a free phone consultation with our bankruptcy lawyer call (916) 596-1018.

Creditors are Harassing You

Are debt collectors calling your house? Is your lender threatening foreclosure or repossess your car? Filing bankruptcy stops the bill collectors. Filing for bankruptcy will automatically stop these collection efforts. For example, if you file for bankruptcy your auto lender cannot show up the next day to repossess your car. If you file for bankruptcy the collection agency that calls your home 5 times a day must stop calling. Once you file for bankruptcy your attorney may send a letter to your more aggressive bill collectors to put them on notice of your bankruptcy and stop these collection attempts.

Minimum Credit Card Payments

Look at the interest rate on those bills. How long will it take you to pay off all those debts? If the answer is a long time, you should call our attorney. Paying the minimum payment on large credit card debt nearly ensures that you will be paying several times the principal amount you originally owed. What’s more, all that money you spent on interest payments could have been applied to your medical insurance, saving for retirement, or other important investments.

Medical Debt

The state of our health care system causes many people to incur tremendous medical debt. If you have amassed medical debt that is not feasible for you to pay, our bankruptcy attorney may be able to help. Medical debt may be unsecured and readily discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Once your medical debt is discharged you can focus on restoring both you financial and physical health.

Borrowing from your Retirement Account

Borrowing from your retirement account to pay bills that are dischargeable is rarely a good idea. You need your retirement account to care for yourself in the future. Many people don’t save enough for retirement. Private assisted living can cost as much as $250 a day, or over $90,000 a year. Moreover, many people are living well into their 90’s with several decades of that time spent in retirement. Consequently, it’s important to protect your retirement account, and you can do just that in bankruptcy. If you’re contemplating borrowing from your retirement account to pay off debts, consult a bankruptcy attorney first.


A bankruptcy attorney can help you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and establish a repayment plan to save your home. Our bankruptcy lawyer stops Stockton foreclosure through chapter 13 bankruptcy and can do the same for Roseville homeowners.

No Equity in your Home To Secure your Second Mortgage

If you have two mortgages and the value of your home is less than amount you owe on your first mortgage, call an attorney. If you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy you may be able to strip off your second mortgage. That means that once you complete your repayment plan and your remaining debts, including the second mortgage, have been discharged, you will only owe on the first mortgage.

Borrowing to Pay Off Debt

If you are borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, contact our bankruptcy attorney.


A bankruptcy attorney can help you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and draft a repayment plan to save your car.